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  • Go NBA players

    Norvin ManalastasNorvin ManalastasKun oldin
  • Go NBA

    Norvin ManalastasNorvin ManalastasKun oldin
  • Hndi naman nagbabad si lebron tignan nalang natin sa regular season

    Ronroyce CelizRonroyce Celiz2 kun oldin
  • The ball/player movement is almost like you are watching a team from Euroleague, which is why Bjelica (Be-elitza) is no surprise - how he fits the Dubs system. Though, you can still see how we could use another big body in the interior in some stretches. We pass the ball so much more than we dribble it, so I personally think we dont really need too many guards, we are ok as is. Payton, only 7 seconds, Chiozza did not play, Looney did not play the second half, Wiseman still indefinite, why not get another big who can play the system, like Nikola Mirotic, or other similar vets.

    the gummy sistersthe gummy sisters4 kun oldin
  • Curry’s off the ball movement is simply beautiful

    Baller_EliBaller_Eli5 kun oldin
  • Yes lakers lose. Hahaha

    Ronald John AnicetoRonald John Aniceto5 kun oldin
  • Jordan Poole looking like Terry Rozier our there. Loose and fluid.

    John NevilleJohn Neville5 kun oldin
  • These Warriors team is dangerous. 🤫

    James BondJames Bond6 kun oldin
  • Curry to nasty

    Josee HussmanJosee Hussman6 kun oldin
  • Let's be healthy Dubs. We gonna bring home that bacon again🤞

    Cherry Mae FabiantesCherry Mae Fabiantes6 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥

    Justin LimJustin Lim6 kun oldin
  • seeing kobe bryant not there is just sad

    cool kidcool kid6 kun oldin
  • Dwight Howard is a legit waste

    jonas bagonajonas bagona7 kun oldin
  • OH that was fun!

    Israel DonaldsonIsrael Donaldson9 kun oldin
  • Who will be the pre season Final championship

    Diosdado BraganzaDiosdado Braganza9 kun oldin

    PrinceroyyPrinceroyy10 kun oldin
  • I think all the warriors do at practice is shoot 3's 😆

    ucnhtmenowucnhtmenow10 kun oldin

    D-247 InfantryD-247 Infantry11 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail though

    Elvis MartinezElvis Martinez11 kun oldin
  • Hola Warriors! Despues de mi Salvador 🙏🏼ustedees estan en la Lista de mis Predilectos! ✌🏼👍🏼👌🏼🤩

    Luis ZavalaLuis Zavala11 kun oldin
  • hahaha no chance

    pingping floridapingping florida11 kun oldin
  • Great game I have pesonal footage

    I'm Not BiggieI'm Not Biggie11 kun oldin
  • NICE GAME ❤️❤️❤️

    Pranks TVPranks TV11 kun oldin
    • Poppin yoooo

      I'm Not BiggieI'm Not Biggie11 kun oldin
  • Bruh never seen a player improve as quickly as Poole, his improvement over the offseason has been tremendous. Can't wait till Klay comes back, gonna be like 2016 all over again.

    Matthew PattersonMatthew Patterson11 kun oldin
  • What's the skinny on Klay?

    sclogse1sclogse111 kun oldin
  • Ik it’s just preseason but we need to be winning these little preseason games get us in. A bit of a rhythm Bc we look a little sloppy atm

    Gavin MastGavin Mast11 kun oldin
  • Lebron only got Russ so he can past him in triple doubles. Lebron is running the one as you can see and got Russ playing off the Ball….Plus Lebron is only 85 triple doubles from tying him which he only needs 2 triple doubles a year to get which is still light 😂😂 The way Bron team set up he can get 35-40 triple doubles a year. #chessmovebylebron

    Higher MindHigher Mind11 kun oldin
  • GS is my team so im glad they are playing like this but man i sure hope the lakers step it up in the actual season, how have they lost every game so far as stacked as they are? They literally have so many of the top skilled players and still play like this? Even though they’re old, they can still move fast and still play like beasts so how???

    Tristin HallTristin Hall11 kun oldin
  • Don’t wana see any bandwagons here real warrior fans can only like this

    Ali HalemiAli Halemi11 kun oldin
  • wait till klay come back

    😂peach🥺😂peach🥺11 kun oldin
    • Yurr this a good one

      I'm Not BiggieI'm Not Biggie11 kun oldin
  • 3:30 bruuuhhh

    Ryle R6Ryle R611 kun oldin
  • Okay now each team the Warriors face has to have at least 8 players in court right now right?

    Stephen A.Stephen A.11 kun oldin
  • when klay come back?

    Tre MusicTre Music11 kun oldin
  • 8:02 did this guy say Wondo

    Oof animationsOof animations12 kun oldin
    • Yoo come thru

      I'm Not BiggieI'm Not Biggie11 kun oldin
  • Yup Lakers are doomed once Klay comes back, if they doing this without him...

    MysteriousThoughtMysteriousThought12 kun oldin
  • I think they are the best and I look up to Stephen

    Nicole SandovalNicole Sandoval12 kun oldin
  • western conference finals matchup

    ReggieReggie12 kun oldin
  • Did Jordan Poole pay for these comments? Wtf they're all repeating

    Kingpen GamesKingpen Games12 kun oldin
  • The no look to K. Nunn in the corner was just gorgeous!

    Justonian_Justonian_12 kun oldin
  • different season, different roster. same weak ass bron

    Philipp Ian MabalotPhilipp Ian Mabalot12 kun oldin
  • Gsw is 🔥 fire

    Wackagago me sapakWackagago me sapak12 kun oldin
  • Howard fouled by Lionel Richie

    PJ MontañoPJ Montaño12 kun oldin
  • The commentators calling Russell westbrick. Like skip😂 they petty ...first 30 seconds

    LOVE &FOREXLOVE &FOREX12 kun oldin
  • why bron and russ tryna be bootleg KG and Rondo they just looked dumb at the tip

    Marquis FelderMarquis Felder12 kun oldin
  • I still have clippers best team when kawhi comes back. Do not sleep on that team once kahwi is healthy. Watch out

    Memo AragonMemo Aragon12 kun oldin
  • Sorry this lakers teams sucks ok so just because u put rondo howard and andreww big ones u think u ganna win a fast pace in nba?? Nope clippers with kawhi destroyed lakers with howard n all Big mistake bringing them old n golden is too fast. Lakers mess up they look old !!!!! Sad

    Memo AragonMemo Aragon12 kun oldin
  • poole at 3:30 . that was like penny hardaway shiz. damn smooth asf

    Uncle BobMarleyUncle BobMarley12 kun oldin
  • Lebron ano na talo nanaman hahaha peace ✌️

    Haries Ventura OfficialHaries Ventura Official12 kun oldin
  • Malik Monk is nice

    DreamwakeDreamwake12 kun oldin
  • 6:55 What the hell was that?🤣

    FocusFocus12 kun oldin
  • Wow very nice wariioorrss💯💯🏆🏆

    Frinz GarofilFrinz Garofil12 kun oldin
  • good

    Carissa HenryCarissa Henry12 kun oldin

    Jim Gayeta DeguzmanJim Gayeta Deguzman12 kun oldin
  • Hmmm f...k GS

    Jim Gayeta DeguzmanJim Gayeta Deguzman12 kun oldin
  • It's just the preseason.

    Laurenz Andrei BocoLaurenz Andrei Boco12 kun oldin
  • Genesis 1:1 King James Version 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

  • Steph Curry never fails to amaze with his outside shooting capability.

    MaskedMutaMaskedMuta12 kun oldin
  • Brons face in the thumbnail lmao y u do that to him

    AtomicDeltaAtomicDelta12 kun oldin
  • And to think Klay wasn't even out there😲

    Silverbak 901Silverbak 90112 kun oldin
  • Lakers team is like Gleague team😂😂

    Simo HayhaSimo Hayha12 kun oldin

    Yung FanessYung Faness12 kun oldin
  • Rondo needs to start

    Chosen 1Chosen 112 kun oldin
  • Klays not even on the court yet...

    skypieperskypieper12 kun oldin
  • I hope the warriors be looking like this in the regular season. Gonna be turning some heads.

    skypieperskypieper12 kun oldin
  • Bruh never seen a player improve as quickly as Poole, his improvement over the offseason has been tremendous. Can't wait till Klay comes back, gonna be like 2016 all over again.

    Addilynn- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOWAddilynn- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW12 kun oldin
  • wabron over rated

    SpaceRangerSpaceRanger12 kun oldin
  • Golden states bench is low key better then a lot of starting 5’s

    Leirrie ValentinLeirrie Valentin12 kun oldin
  • They have the potential to have 5 guys shoot over 40% for 3. I think that could be a record if it happens

    Leirrie ValentinLeirrie Valentin12 kun oldin
  • Poole was in his bagggg. These young dudes coming up are fearlesssss. The nba is in a good place right now

    Leirrie ValentinLeirrie Valentin12 kun oldin
  • 3:10 🤣 player dancing on the bench

    Abhay SharmaAbhay Sharma12 kun oldin
  • Lebornsexuals are crazy thinking hes still the lesexual goat

  • Hey NBA, it's 2021! How the hell this video is 720p?

    Paul OlivarezPaul Olivarez12 kun oldin
  • why lakers losing in pre season? because of the chemistry. so they need to play as a team in pre season for their chemistry. pre season is good for chemistry too. but lebron dont play and play well. it means in season they still building chemistry. maybe they cant make it in the playoffs. maybe next year. But if they win against the GSW tomorrow they can prove they can still go to playoffs and win championship. but if lose tomorrow seeyou next year Lakers

    Final FantasyFinal Fantasy12 kun oldin
  • Go go go WARRIORS!

    St. MacSt. Mac12 kun oldin
  • I'm just wishing a very healthy season to everybody. No more injuries, please.

    Mark SorredaMark Sorreda12 kun oldin
  • I thought klay is gonna play this season

  • 03:35

    Austin LesperanceAustin Lesperance12 kun oldin
  • He brought Rondo back and who is this Pool guy cause I'm a fan now

    K HillK Hill12 kun oldin

    Ian james guevarraIan james guevarra12 kun oldin
  • Imagine Curry, Poole and Klay..... Deadly Trio

    Thom SevillaThom Sevilla12 kun oldin
  • The most corrupt professional sport is basketball...take your shit elsewhere

    John SmithJohn Smith12 kun oldin
    • Stop watch dummy

      Terrence BurnetteTerrence Burnette12 kun oldin
  • Give them bread and circus 👁

    Free Irish/Mexican American GirlFree Irish/Mexican American Girl12 kun oldin
  • Golden State has 3 stephen curry right now lol that number 2 curry copy cat.

    WENZ TVWENZ TV12 kun oldin
  • Steph the all time great 3 pointer, wish steph and kawhi in warriors

    Jeff07guitarJeff07guitar13 kun oldin
  • Klay and wiseman get back, we have a sure shot into the conference finals. Warriors gettin slept on and I love it because it’s about to be a whirlwind when they’re back. The take over is comin

    FrancisFrancis13 kun oldin
  • Lakers winless in the preseason. I know it doesn't count, but I'm afraid it's going to transition into the regular season and that's not good. I hope we get a win in the preseason.

    Akon FentyAkon Fenty13 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't watch an NBA game if someone paid.

    Peter MullinsPeter Mullins13 kun oldin
  • We all should take a minute and be great full for James Naismith the inventor of baseball game, so now all the people can play, watch and enjoy. Thank you James!

    NewEraNewEra13 kun oldin
  • Lakers better get their shit together. I bought tickets lol

    DahvoodDahvood13 kun oldin
  • Let's GOO baby warriors on top

    themaddogthemaddog13 kun oldin
  • Wheres klay?

    TopRawMenTopRawMen13 kun oldin
  • LJ is pissed 😂 Maybe he should of kept Alonzo Ball & a few others, Lonzo Blazing now.

    GameShark427GameShark42713 kun oldin
  • The franchise seen an all time low in 2020.Its gonna be hard to recover from that here in 2021, but its come off to a good start with the new contracts that were issued. TY Nba.

    Scratch ZombieScratch Zombie13 kun oldin
  • Howard is nasty

    Dominick AkinesDominick Akines13 kun oldin
  • Klay still can’t play ???

    Tuenchi________ _____Tuenchi________ _____13 kun oldin
  • Rich pitiful losers

    Mike ZieglerMike Ziegler13 kun oldin
  • It shoulda be a reason y the Lakers is loosing already all thoes good people they got on they team

    Harrell BaconHarrell Bacon13 kun oldin
  • Seeing Westbrook and melo and lebron playing together in a Match they could’ve won but Westbrook keep missing I’m a laker fan and a Boston fan but 3:32 dam

    Joshua VerasJoshua Veras13 kun oldin
  • Yoooo pool a baby steph🎉🎉

    king Dinoking Dino13 kun oldin
  • i think.leflop needs another help..lakers having alot of big guys but not effective..lepflop what asshame.

    Kusina ni AltheaKusina ni Althea13 kun oldin
    • lol its presason, y'all just can't wait huh

      XraiderXraider13 kun oldin